About store

«DigitAll Goods» is a digital goods marketplace. We have tried to collect everything in one place, to provide the maximum choice, to establish a common discount system and much more! Our service works only with the checked up and official dealers in a direction of keys of activation, offering buyers qualitative service!

We, having worked long enough in the field of Internet sales, made sure of the independence of most customers who can pay for themselves, and it is for such users was created service «DigitAll Goods». We have a huge selection of digital goods (keys, accounts, autoactivations), payment, and receipt of which occurs through the well-known service Oplata.info (official service WebMoney Transfer). All our shop works only on the basis of official WebMoney Transfer services, so there is no need to worry about possible system errors. In system WebMoney Transfer we have received the special certificate thanks to which we have a possibility to accept payments and guaranteeing you the fair transaction and granting the goods right after payment according to the description. We successfully passed administration checks on many sites, cooperate with the largest game portals and entertainment resources.

Thanks to our extensive experience in selling computer games and software, we have been able to establish a stable system for accepting payments, issuing goods, providing technical support, consulting, and much more. We have a convenient discount system, and you can always track your purchases in the section «Purchases».

We have been selling games and various software for over 3 years, provide the widest choice and offer very low prices. The main question is, why do some products cost so cheap? It’s simple: the price corresponds to the demand, the service «DigitAll Goods» needs a large turnover of goods for discounts when buying goods. And do not forget, low prices at high quality — the best advertising for our service.

An important question for many visitors — will they really get the goods after payment? We have been working for several years, we have carried out thousands of transactions, we have been tested on many serious sites, we cooperate with many of them and are partners. We have many responses, we are certificated for the reception of payments on the Internet in system WebMoney Transfer.

Our goal — satisfied buyers and sellers who will recommend us to their friends and increase our sales. Therefore the buyer always receives the goods 100 % corresponding to the description. All possible questions and problems are solved individually by our technical support.


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