Activation for any region

Many products have regional restrictions (except for Region Free products). There are a huge number of people who wish to buy and activate our products from other regions, so below we give instructions for activating goods from ANY country in the world. We do not guarantee the absence of regional restrictions when starting in a particular game (this happens very rarely). The store is not responsible for activation in this way.

  1. Download and install the VPN application «Urban VPN» or any other VPN where there is a region of Russia!
  2. Launch and select the country — Russia.
  3. Launch the Steam application and enter.
  4. You must click on your username in the upper right part of the Steam client and select «About Account». Changing our store country to Russia.
  5. If you can’t change the country and asks to enter Steam from the desired country, you need to change the password on Steam and log in again via VPN.
  6. After changing the country, activate the received key on Steam.


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