Battlefield 1 [Full Access Account]

🔴This is not a license key or CD. This is Origin game account🔴

Account Details:

  • Without a game-bans
  • Change all data: email, password, secret question, nickname
  • Other games may be present on the account, they go as a BONUS!
  • Instant delivery!

What to do after receiving account:

  1. Download the Origin client from the official website
  2. Install the Origin client.
  3. Log in with the data in Origin.
  4. Download the game from the Origin library.

⚡ 1 month account replacement guarantee

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 immerses you in the era of World War I, when new technologies and global conflict have changed the principles of military affairs forever. Take part in every battle, drive every huge machine, perform maneuvers that change the outcome of the entire battle. The whole world is at war. Find out what awaits you on the front line.

Battlefield 1

Features of the Game:

  • Variable environment on maps all over the world. Discover all stages of the world conflict, fight in the besieged French cities, in the Italian Alps, in the Arabian deserts — each of your battles will be unique. Completely destructible surroundings and constantly changing weather create a landscape that does not remain the same. You can destroy fortifications with hurricane fire, you can blow funnels in the ground — you won’t have two identical battles.
  • Large multiplayer battles. Cover the battlefield, take part in network battles that support up to 64 players. Go into an infantry attack, lead a cavalry assault, take part in hot battles that cannot be won without the help of your comrades.
  • Technique that changes the outcome of the battle. Change the outcome of the battle in your favor, driving large and simply huge equipment: from tanks and biplans to so-called giants, unique and massive machines, indispensable in critical moments. Water your enemies with fire from the sky, driving a giant airship, dash a steel arrow on an armoured train, or fire a dreadnought gun at land from the sea.
  • New online game mode «Operations». In «Operation» mode, you’ll be fighting in a series of connected battles that take place on multiple maps. Attackers must break through the line of defense and move the battle to the next map. The goal of the defendants is to stop them.



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